Friday, March 30, 2007

Clean Counter and Guacomole

Counter1 As promised for Get-Real Monday, here is my cleaned off counter! It wasn't too hard, just a few minutes work and putting things actually where they belong. Go figure! The hard part will be keeping it this way! Certainly a daily task.

I haven't done the kitchen table yet -- That won't be finished until we get the outside beds done and can plant our seedlings.

We are planning on using Square Foot Gardening (more info here) since it requires so little space and uses that space to the best advantage.

And - once the counter was cleaned off, look what happened!

Counter2 Daughter got her stool and her favorite cookbook and made some guacomole for she and Dad!

What a treat!

Cookbook (This is the Mom and Me Cookbook from DK. We love the simple instructions and all the great pictures.)

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