Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Get Real Monday . . . A Day Late

Yes, yes, I'm a little late with this. If I didn't do something because it was late, I wouldn't get anything done! Get it? In other words, even if it's late, it is still worth doing well. ;-)

I really like the theory behind Get Real - on the web, we choose the perfect items with the perfect backdrop and the most enhancing lighting, possibly leading to the impression that we have a perfect home and/or life. NOT true! We are all human, some have it a bit more organized and together than others, but we all have a weak spot. Or two. Or five.

For my "Get Real" spot for Randi's Spring Clean Edition I had to choose my kitchen. It is the most used room and the room that seems to 'catch' all the stuff from anything that goes on in the house. And I will admit that the biggest offender (read- owner of most of the stuff/clutter) belongs to ME!


This is a picture of my kitchen table. Obviously we don't eat in the kitchen. We couldn't. When Husband first brought this table home, it was perfect, beautiful, and endeared visions of sitting by my window and reading, studying, or sipping Chai. Let's take a good, close look at reality.


Okay - going around clockwise from bottom left corner, we have: apron, sweater, sweatshirt and purse hanging from chair; other chair is piled with sewing box and dresses that are still in progress and a loaf of bread (??); on that edge of table are various scraps and WIP's from my felt stuff along with a punchneedle project that I bought and opened but don't have time to do yet; my lovely flower pot which is supposed to brighten the table, but which is lost amidst all the clutter; a bag of patterns that are in line to be used and our poor little knocked over scotty dogs; an empty box of Cadbury Chocolate Eggs with a bunny inside; and in the middle of the table all of our little greenhouses for starting our garden seedlings. Also, in the big picture above you can see our ice chest and box of foodstuffs still waiting to go camping, alongside husband's soda and the remains of the chicken feed in the sack which wouldn't fit in our bin.

This is what I face everytime I walk in my kitchen. Reminders of projects that need finishing, projects past that need to be cleaned up, and the promise of summer bounty - along with the reminder that we need to hurry up and get the outside ready for these little guys that are fast outgrowing their greenhouse.

My other spot is also in the kitchen. Kitchen counters seem to be a great Hot Spot for collecting clutter. We only have three small squares of counters in our kitchen, you would think I could work a little harder to keep them clean, but this one is at the edge and is where everyone puts everything just because it is near the traffic lane - the busy spot of the house.


Pencils, markers, stuffed animals, packing tape, bible, treasure box, wrappers from our greenhouses (see photo above ;-), pitcher, miscellaneous Tupperware, cups, empty water bottles, napkins, picture frame, used cilantro (i.e. stems in a bag), sunglasses, Tootsie Roll bank, solar reflector, bookends, and more that I don't even want to think about! I will get it cleaned up. I will. I WILL!

After we get back from camping. Promise. ;-)

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