Friday, March 16, 2007

Diary of Three Dresses, part 4

Hello again, Ladies! Henrietta and I have been busy, busy. We are making progress on our dresses, as well as a few other projects that have found their way to the sewing table! But our focus today is . . . . . Sleeves! Six of them to be exact!


Here we have the sleeve bands all pinned together and ready to be sewn.


They've been pressed and Henrietta has them all pinned in place on the proper sleeves. Back to the sewing machine!


Isn't Miss Hen so sweet? She watches over everything. Here she's making sure that the seam is straight and that the pins are pulled out before the needle sews over them.


Now it's time for the gathering stitches at the sleeve cap. Diligent Hen is there, too!


Pinning and Pressing is the name of this game. Luckily Henrietta is an experienced hedgehog. She learned to sew at her dear mothers' knee - well, little foot. (Do hedgehogs have knees?)


Ahhh . . . there now! The sleeve bands are all pressed and pinned and ready for sewing down by hand. That's a job we like to do in the evening. It's very restful and relaxing before climbing into bed! Is it just me, or does Miss Hen look a bit proud?


Here's what we have so far: Three lined bodices with banded collars, three banded sleeves and one pieced skirt edging.

Tomorrow we (Hen and I) will bring you up to date on all we've been doing -- sleeves, pockets and extra projects, too!

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