Monday, March 12, 2007

Blanket for Baby K



The pictures don't nearly show how sweet this little blanket is! One side is the softest shade of pink fuzzy imprinted velvet-like fabric, the other is a bold pink nursery rhyme toile. I made it 36" square.

I finished the binding on it last night -- and the LORD was surely good to me! I didn't measure the binding as I was cutting the strips and piecing them. I never do. I just kind of eyeball "Yeah, that looks about enough" So I start pinning the binding onto the blanket, getting closer and closer to the other end and I start thinking "This isn't going to be enough!!" But I pressed on . . . . and wouldn't you know it, when I made it all the way around to the beginning again, my two ends overlapped by 1/4". Can you believe that? I think it's totally amazing!

And then dear husband, in his own sweet way, told me to put a label on it. ("Didn't you spend money for things to make labels? Then use it and put one on there!" "Yes, dear." ;-) I told the children that the label makes it look like somebody actually made it. LOL!!

The great label making tutorial that I used can be found at Fresh Vintage.

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