Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Diary of Three Dresses, part 1

The time has come, oh children, to talk of other things; Of patterns and pinning, of sewing and seams . . . .

Two nights ago Hen and I started our new project - making two dresses (one for daughter and one for a friend.) We pinned and cut until both of our backs ached!


Henrietta was wonderful - working tirelessly - even though she was on the verge of losing all her pins! (Actually it was kind of a blessing that she was losing all her pins since Dear Son 2 had some time on his hands and decided to 'dress' Henrietta with a whole box full of pins arranged in a rainbow. But she really doesn't like to talk about it, so let's just forget I mentioned anything. ;-)

We did run into a little snag in that daughter is growing. (They do that, don't they?) And since I lengthened the dress skirt by a few inches, I did not have enough fabric for the collar, by a few inches. Grrrrr. Not a problem really - Off to the fabric store we go! I bought the fabric (blue doggie, above) several months ago, so I really knew the store would no longer have any - but I was hoping. And we both love it so much, I'm kicking myself for not automatically buying extra. (see How to Buy Fabric from A Dress A Day) But, we can't change yesterday, so we must deal with today.

As suspected, the store no longer had our sweet doggie fabric, but they did have this --


Too springy and delicious to resist. And at $7.99 a yard for the pink ($5.60 at 30% off) it was a bit of a splurge, since I am terribly frugal about fabric and generally never pay more than $4.00 a yard with sales and 40-50% off coupons. Most everything that I sew for daughter ends up costing less than $15. But I digress . . . . .

So now our count is up to three dresses - We'll cut out the pink, figure out something to do about daughter's doggie dress collar, and be back soon with our next installment.

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