Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Purple Bath

Purple_1 Yesterday was quite a day for daughter. Not that she had a lot to do, but we were generally busy and she tries hard to keep up with her brothers. Toward the afternoon, I could tell by her voice that she had had it and was in need of some refreshing.

But before I tell you the rest, I have to tell you a story. A few years ago, the LORD was so good to me and opened my eyes to the condition of my relationship with my daughter. I knew early on how different she was both in needs and personality from my sons. I noticed time and again how she was seeking attention, approval, and affection from others. It forced me to reason "why?" The simple, and very hard, truth was that she did not have a strong relationship with me. Certainly we were a family and I loved her dearly - but what was special about our relationship that was different from just family or from her brothers? She was placated with toys or videos while I worked with her brothers on school work. She was told she was too little when she would offer to help me, because I did not take the time or give that extra bit of patience that would have allowed her to help me and in the process know that she was worth that extra effort. Plain and simple, I did not have her heart. And without her heart, I would be unable to keep her as the precious jewel she is - I would not be able to prevent her from becoming a common cubic zirconia.

She is now eight years old, almost nine, and while we still struggle with selfishness and sharing (I still do too :-) I know now that I have her heart. She is my helper in all things and likes being mini-Mom. When she needs attention, affection, comfort , a snuggle, or help, she comes to me and knows that she will receive it. I set a goal for her and have used that to help me. I have to have a goal, otherwise how will I know if I am staying on the right path? How will I know which direction to take or be able to judge properly those things which so easily side-track me or us as a family? It isn't always easy, but I have learned to keep the goal in mind - the goal of keeping her heart safe until the day she is ready to give it to another in marriage.

So, yesterday when she was in need of refreshment, I gave her a hug and led her into the bathroom. With the warm water filling the tub, armed with her goggles and snokel, and the little color tablets making the water purple, she played for almost an hour. I was a bit envious, thinking how I'd like someone to make me a purple bath now and then. She knew she was loved. She knew she was important to me. She knew I cared enough about her to take the time to do something special for her. And the sweet hug and kiss I got when she was finally out and dressed was priceless.

Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you. 1 Peter 5:7

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