Monday, February 12, 2007


Am I losing mine? I don't think so . . . at least I hope I'm not.

However, I've had it up to Here! (note: see me reaching way up in the air while standing on my tippie-toes) with marbles, and Legos, and stray Playmobile pieces, and (insert name of any micro toy here that comes with a million pieces)!

Now mind you, I'm not against marbles. I actually enjoy getting down on the floor and playing a game of marbles with the children, and I love when they get out their Klutz Marbles book and try something new!

What gets me is everytime I sweep or vacuum, or open the door to the bedroom, or {{shudder}} clean under the couch cushions, I find marbles. They are everywhere and they seem to multiply. Really I don't know what's worse, the marbles or the dog hair that insidiously winds it's way into the carpet so that I literally have to bend over in front of the vacuum and pull them out one by one by one! (We have a lovely dark blue floral carpet under our dining table - unfortunately we have two white dogs who love to lay there!)

There are times I want to dump all of the marbles into the garbage can and never see another one again! But, thankfully, the LORD stops me and whispers into my ear about how fleeting time is and how very soon all the marbles will be truly gone and the house quiet. Yes, thank you, Father. You are right.

So, on goes the apron with the pockets to collect those marbles one more time.

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