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I never really thought much about bowls until I read an excellent posting a few years ago by Lady Lydia at LAF titled "The Mixing Bowl." If you have not read it, I would highly encourage you to do so.

I love the picture she paints of the woman of the house standing with her apron on, holding the mixing bowl firmly with one hand and arm, stirring vigorously with her other, all the while watching over the affairs and doings of her home. There is such grace and nostalgia in a simple apron, a mixing bowl and a wooden spoon. A gentleness that pulling the mixer out of the cupboard will never be able to match.

I have my own favorite bowls now, each with it's own story and purpose.

This is my Grandmother's bowl. This is also my largest bowl which is used for the BIG things like making bread, holding a family-size serving of noodles, or for mixing up a big batch of Refrigerator Bran Muffins which will last us for a week of breakfasts. It is a heavy ceramic bowl and I love using it because it brings back thoughts of a Grandmother whom I never really got to know, yet wish I had. Bittersweet - I understand what that means now.

This one is a two-quart batter bowl that I bought several years ago from Pampered Chef. This is invaluable to me for a quick batch of muffins or pancakes in the morning or for brownies in the evening . It's even been known to handle some tuna salad for lunch! It also has a lid and is great for storing leftover soups. I couldn't be without this or his little sister, the one-quart batter bowl.

This little bowl is not for mixing - it is simply pretty and I love serving things in it on the table. It has held chips, scrambled eggs, salads, and vegetables. I didn't buy this bowl, it was actually left at the house we bought. It was left in the garage, underneath some shelves with planting containers. I guess at one time it held a potted plant and was then forgotten. But it caught my eye as soon as I saw it. I took it in the house and scrubbed it clean. Now it is a little bright spot in my cupboard or on the table!

This cheery bowl was found on the bottom shelf at Goodwill. I love all things chicken and so this immediately caught my eye! It is a bit chipped around the top, but it is useful just the same. This is the bowl that sits out on my stovetop - not only decorative but practical, too. Whenever I am cooking and need a quick place to put something, this is the bowl. It holds cooked onions for me while I finish cooking the meat, and it keeps the fajitas or taco meat warm while I heat the tortillas in the skillet. This is my little everything bowl and I'm so glad I found it!

These bowls will be a part of my children's memories - of mom in the kitchen, of the special treats that were baked for them, the stories that each bowl holds, of 'home.'

What memories in the making are in your kitchen? What are your everyday treasures that will last forever in the minds of your children? I hope you have a few, or if not that you'll get some soon.

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