Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A Day with Henrietta, Part 1

It's a rainy day today, the perfect day to stay inside and sew. Let's go see what Henrietta is up to, shall we?

Well, it looks like we've caught her in the middle of a sewing project. Pinning a neckline with a collar can be tricky work, but I'm sure our Hen is up to the task!

She's giving it a final inspection . . . . Yes, I think it's all ready to go to the sewing machine.

Here she is, patiently collecting her pins as the neckline is sewn.

Henrietta has done a very nice job of pinning the first bodice lining in place - How will she do on the rest?

OH! She's staying away from that hot iron! She'll move in and finish the rest of the pinning once the iron has completed its' task.

Well, well! Things are moving right along for our gal Hen. The handsewing on the bodice front and back is finished, the sleeves are both gathered and pinned and ready to be sewn.

Is Henrietta looking a bit tired? Poor dear, she's had quite a day. Just a bit more to do though. I'm sure she can hold up!

Ah, now we are nearing the end. Henrietta has pinned both side seams very nicely and they are already for the first sewing of their French Seams. I knew she could do it!

All Done! Lovely Job, Hen! Just the kind of help any seamstress needs when the needle and thread are flying.

What's this? We're NOT done yet? There's still a ruffle to do?

Pardon me, but did you say that the ruffle was FIVE Yards Long?!?

Oh, no! I think our Poor Hen is getting a little worried. She may not have enough pins for this job. What will she do?

What is Henrietta doing? It looks like she is trying to hide in the folds of the ruffle. I'm afraid our Poor Hen is overwhelmed.

Oh, Hen! Maybe we can tempt her out with a little treat?

How would you like a nibble of some sugar cookie? There now, that's better, isn't it? Yes, yes, eat up and regain your strength.

Now, you just rest, little Henrietta. We can finish that ruffle tomorrow. Don't you worry anymore about it tonight. After all, tomorrow is another day . . . .

(Originally published @ henandchicks.typepad.com)

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