Saturday, February 17, 2007

Lazy Saturday

I wasn't feeling too energetic today - and now that the day is done, I wanted to take a look at what I accomplished today. Let's see . . . . .

I didn't finish my stamping project . . .
. .

I didn't get to the laundry . . . . . .

Sewing? Well . . . nope, not that either.
These are two pinafores that I am sewing for my daughter and a friend. They're almost finished. But they've been almost finished all week. :-(

I didn't even get a nap, like this cozy fellow did curling up in the warm sunshine.

So, I'm beginning to ask myself -

"Just what DID you do today?"

* * * * * * * *

Okay, I did do a few things today.

I answered some e-mails, read some blogs and lots of neat information on making your own toothpaste and deodorants (because the ones available at the stores are so full of chemicals that we are going to start making all our own stuff, from soaps and detergents as well as personal care items like -- toothpaste and deodorants!)

I had a very nice little talk with Dear Son 3, and watched Dear Son 2 practicing his fire building skills.

We are working on a great unit study right now called Prepare and Pray --

It's focus is on emergency preparedness, do-it-yourself homeskills (which goes along with our learning to make our own soaps) and wilderness skills, too!

So, for the past week the boys have been in the backyard just about any spare minute they get - trying to start a fire. They've used magnifying lenses, wood shavings, their magnesium fire starters and more trying to find the right combination to get a fire going. No matches or paper allowed!

The goal is to be able to build a fire with the materials on hand in all kinds of situations: clear weather, windy, rainy, or snowy.

It took awhile, but he finally had a great success!

He wanted to keep piling wood on it to build it and keep it going, but I didn't think the neighbors would really appreciate a bon-fire in the backyard!

(and yes, there was a bucket of water right next to him in case of any mishaps.)

And - I DID set a lovely table complete with tablecloth, table runner, and stemmed glasses . . . . for our pizza dinner. ;-)

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