Thursday, February 15, 2007

Children Outside . . . .

. . . on a beautiful day!

Good cupcakes, Mom. Thanks! (Chocolate Cherry Cupcake recipe in Our Favorite Recipes)

A nice afternoon spent playing with friends. And did you see the Sun-Bow in the sky? A rainbow ring totally around the sun. Really beautiful!

I have to share a praise: While we were at the park, it dawned on me that husband would be home early this day. Uh-Oh. We didn't totally clean the house before leaving. :-( I really felt like I needed to get home, but the children really wanted to stay and play. So my friend (Thank You, LD!!) agreed to bring the children home when they were through playing. I make it home and less than five minutes later my husband calls and asks if we would like to meet him for dinner out! Thank You LORD ! You see, once husband comes home, he doesn't like to leave it again. So if I had missed that call . . . . . no dinner out!

The children and I all signed a Valentine card for him and put it at his place at the table while he had gotten up. He loved it and we had a wonderful evening.

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