Thursday, May 31, 2007

One Down - One To Go

Okay - so this morning I'm debating with myself. My last post was Tuesday the 22nd. It was still up on Tuesday the 29th, and if I just focus on what I need to get done and ignore the whole blog thing for a bit longer, it can apply to one more Tuesday.

But, alas, I fear it is too late for that since I am already sitting comfortably with blog-gy thoughts running through my head, though I will warn you, they are random. Alright, you've been warned. ;-)

We are finished with the County Fair, at least until it is over and then we will work a few more days to help get everything taken down and cleaned up. We had a wonderful time - and I mean Wonderful - but last night on our way home I was sooooo glad that it was over. I'm done, the children are done, husband is done and I'm sure even all of our little critters are done and ready for us all to be HOME! I was so tired, but had to putter around for awhile before I could get in bed and get really comfy, you know? Like my muscles couldn't just go from work, walk, work, carry, work, work to relax, rest, peace without sufficient in between time to wind down.

> Now, back to your regularly scheduled blogging:

I'm not really done, though. Because today is Day 2 of our countdown to my mother's 70th birthday party that has been in the works sine the beginning of the year. The big stuff is done - place secured, invitations out and RSVP'd back, menu chosen, colors and centerpieces planned and at the ready, cake ordered, music ordered and arrived. Today I need to do little detail things like get bowls for the nuts and candies that my mother would like at each table, do the toppers for the party favors, maybe make a batch of her famous cookies to have as well. I also need to get a display board and mount the photos of her through the years. Tomorrow, Friday, will be Day 1, making final arrangements (like paying for it all!) and checking out the room and deciding how we will arrange things. The B-Day Saturday will be an early one for me - get the balloons, get the cake and be in the room by 9 a.m. to decorate and set up in time for party starting at 11 a.m. Then hopefully it will be time to just sit and enjoy!

Next week - Monday and Tuesday will be our last days at the Fair. We'll be working on taking down the exhibits, assisting with entry pick-ups, and cleaning out the two buildings where our work has been concentrated. Then a quiet few days at home and ending the week with the children's piano recital on Friday evening.

Can my brain handle all of this?

We'll see.

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