Tuesday, June 5, 2007

We're Almost Home

June 05, 2007

* we're almost home *

Yeah!  We are enjoying a whole morning home today -- we don't have to be at the Fairgrounds until 12:30 p.m.! So, it's time to take a look around at what we've been missing for the past few weeks:

I guess you can't leave radishes alone for very long.  ;-)
The largest one at bottom right is about 6-7" around and the plants themselves are over 2  1/2 ft. tall!
Oh well, the chickens will enjoy them!
And speaking of the chickens, they enjoyed a dustbath this morning, along with some delicious seeds and bugs they found.

The chickens can only be out when we are at home, so we can keep an eye on them - no cat attacks and no flying over fences - since they are city chickens.

Then we also enjoyed some great puppy love with the doggies who have been left outside (gasp!!) for days while we've been working and out of town. 
 Our doggies are very much inside doggies and are always underfoot wherever we are and whatever we are doing.


So that's what we are enjoying this morning, besides the usual round of dishes and laundry and a MUCH needed cleaning of the bedrooms.

OH!  And I took a picture of the photo I mentioned here


That's my back and the top of my head -- isn't it great!!  It's pretty much the very best angle of me he could have taken because my body shape is essentially an apple with legs!  ;-)  And that is the Photography Judge that I was clerking for.  Not only fun but I learned a LOT!

Well, time to take the laundry out of the dryer and get the next one going.  Have a wonderful day in the LORD.

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