Friday, June 15, 2007

Birthday Adventures

Daughter is officially 9 years old now.  What a great time we had yesterday!  Grandma came up on the train with her buddy Miss L.  (Grandma and Miss L come up for each child's birthday.)  Daughter wanted to go to the Zoo for her birthday - so I had to think of a zoo that was near the train and that we could visit in the time allowed -- and Voila!  Micke Grove fit the bill perfectly.

So we drove for a bit - picked up Grandma and Miss L at a semi-distant station - and off we were on our adventure!


We saw several species of lemurs, some birds and bats, sea lions, baboons, tamarins, a mountain lion, chinese alligator, beautiful scarlet ibis', turtles and tortoises, and several pudus!


After a cool water break, we walked over to the Japanese Garden and strolled through it before lunch.  The children had a great time seeing the huge Koi, and finding many crawdads in the ponds which they could cross on large, flat stones.  (Although the ones we saw were smaller and beautifully colored red like all the ones found in our fabulous Delta region!)

Off to lunch we went - and then back to the park where we explored the Historical Museum for our remaining time.  It was great - very interesting - and lots of fun!  We came home with some treasures from the "mercantile" -- I found an adorable set of metal measuring spoons (I'll have to take a picture of them and post it later), the children got some little wood kits, a nail puzzle, a kazoo, and two "twig crayons". 

Grandma got the best deal of all -- she bought a set of three Lovely bowls for only $20.00.  They were ivory colored nesting bowls and had a beautifulflower/scrollwork design on the upper rim.  We were all stunned at the price and decided that one of us HAD to buy them.  ;-)

Then it was time to get Grandma and Miss L back to the station -- the train was delayed a bit, but they were finally safely on board and headed for home.  It was a great day!


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