Sunday, June 10, 2007

Great * Wonderful * Happy

My Mother's 70th Birthday party this past weekend was a great success!  There was one point in the last minute preparation/gathering stage where I had to let go of some things and realize that I just could not get them done/make them happen.  And that it was okay.  And you know what?  It really was okay.

The day went smoothly and beautifully and everyone had a wonderful time - especially my mother.    As much as she protested "It's too much trouble" & "You really don't need to" over and over again, I know she enjoyed every second of anticipation and of the gathering itself of friends, neighbors, old co-workers and family members including my older brother who has not been in his home state for almost two decades.
And of course, it being her 70th Birthday, I had to have just a little fun with her!


These are her "safety goggles" that I got for her to protect her from the heat of the SEVENTY candles on her cake.  Yes, I put seventy candles on her cake.  Don't ask how long it took.  It was awhile!  But with a little protest, she played along and it took her three blows to blow out all of the candles!


I'm now in the process of putting together the pictures and notes from the party into a scrapbook for her.  Another thing on my to-do-list - but a very happy task!  A pitifully small repayment for everything she has done for me the last forty years. 
Happy 70th Birthday, Momma.   With much love from your favorite daughter.  (Yes, yes, I know I'm your only daughter!)

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