Thursday, April 12, 2007

Protecting Our Children's Hearts

Jmuir If you are a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ and desire His best for your family, then I would encourage you to click the link and read an excellent post about protecting our children's hearts & minds.

Protecting Our Children's Hearts by Country Diary Of A Twenty First Century Lady

A few excellent excerpts:

It is a dangerous thing to cave in to what others think and we must be on guard of our own personal pressures that we allow in or catering to our children's whims and whines. How many times parents have paid the price for giving in, even on a small scale to these emotions.

Many times the very thing their children think they need is the cause for future stumbling and destruction to their lives


Your child was given just for you to parent and not someone else. God places within your heart what He knows is best for your particular situation. No one else will understand like the Lord what is in the heart of your child. He gave you to be the parent to this particular one, not someone else who wasn't given the same instructions. What may seem overprotective to an outsider may be just what was needed to help your child overcome a weak area in their lives. Trust God, believe in His word and let the world teach their own children.

I hope you are challenged and blessed.

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