Monday, April 16, 2007

Blogging and Life

I'm thinking today about blogging and what it means to me, how it fits into my life, and how I think about the lovely blogs that I read for ideas, encouragement, and a smile.

A blog that I visit regularly, actually one of the first blogs I ever read when I discovered the "World of Blogs" and also the one that inspired me to start blogging, has had a bit of ugliness visit it recently. Not in the way you might think, either. It came in the guise of some regular visitors and commenters, the ones who coo and fawn over all the lovelies and praise the encouragement. It came from feeling as if they 'know' this particular blogging lady, from expectations they apparently have of her, possibly from a lack in their own lives, and maybe feeling as if she owes them something, too.

What could cause all of this? Something as simple as having a life outside of blogging and enjoying it! She took a break from blogging to tend to family needs, then was back for little bit, and as often happens, got caught up in daily life and enjoying her little ones and caring for her home and husband - a life that had nothing to do with the computer. Imagine! Upset by her absence, a few visitors took the opportunity to use her "chat box" and proceeded to use words such as rude and inconsiderate in describing this gentle lady whom only the week before they were praising and blessing. What is even sadder is that these are women who profess to be believers in Jesus Christ.

So how do we view blogs? Is it just fun? Something to do? A way to connect with others while caring for home and family? Or are there blogs that we expect certain things from? A post every day? One that usually is funny and today's post isn't? Or a blog that makes us think has suddenly put up something trivial? How do we get to the point of feeling like the blogger needs to inform us of every action and absence? How do we get to the point of feeling like the blogger needs to check with us before she goes off and lives her life? What do we expect from the blogs we read?

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