Thursday, April 12, 2007

Diary of Three Dresses, part 5

Another one finished! Deadlines and special events spur me to action like nothing else. How about you?

Well, the special event that spurred this dress was a visit from Grandma. As I was getting everyone organized, bathed and ready for her visit tomorrow, Henrietta piped in that this would be a great time to finish the doggie dress that daughter has been wanting to wear for weeks. Thank you Hen! Into action we go!!


Fortunately, the skirt and bodice were complete, we just needed to gather & pin them together after sewing the buttonholes. Henrietta is quite the professional at this now and it was done in no time!


Collecting pins one by one by one as the seam is slowly and carefully sewn.


Now we're ready to sew on the buttons and finish hand sewing the inside sleeve band facing. Miss Hen is always prepared - needle, thread, scissors, buttons and our favorite thimble!


All Done! She's going to look great tomorrow (today!!) And please notice the pieced band around the bottom. What trouble we had when we got distracted while sewing that!! (Henrietta doesn't like to think of it ;-)


Now rest, Hen. Rest and dream. And thank you for your help and encouragement!

(I'll post pictures of daughter in her dress tomorrow!!)

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