Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sewing & Sweet Faces

I finally was able to get some sewing done last week and (after a few re-designs) completed this skirt for daughter. This is her very favorite fabric - discovered almost five years ago - which she has had three dresses made in, and then outgrown. :-( This time instead of a dress, I decided to make a skirt, secretly hoping that it would take her longer to outgrow it.

Below are three of my favorite people

Aren't they so handsome all dressed for church?
I actually think H is standing on his toes a bit in order to be just as tall as J - how cute ;-)

I so love this skirt and how it turned out! I can't wait to make more with the fabric we got,
and try some hem variations, too!

Look at those faces.

WHO could resist them?


Sharon said...

I really like this skirt! Is the pattern simple?

Miss Bee said...

Thank you, Sharon! It's so cute, I'm really happy with it - although it took a few turns while making it. I started with a simple elastic waist skirt, no pattern, two 1" pintucks around the bottom with some eyelet sewn on the inside hem. It ended up being too full around the waist for her (poor girl is very high-waisted, like myself), and so I re-worked it to be drop waisted, gathered about 6" below the waist line. Much better!