Friday, March 29, 2013

Creating & Relaxed

It's been a really wonderful and fun few days of stamping with daughter.  We pulled all of our stamping stuff out of boxes - where they have been trapped in the dark for over a year - and got creative.

So relaxing to just sit and create - you have an idea, a picture, some colors, and you just let everything come together, using what you have, improvising, it's all part of the process.

I started off to make a set of cards as a "Thank You" for my aunt - but like any good, nearly harmless obsession, you really can't stop at just one.  And once the ideas were flowing it was like a restorative therapy - as a homeschool mom with a retired husband and sweet baby that I care for during the week, my time is never my own - and stamping these last few days was an isolated island of peace.

As I was going through all the boxes, I also found several unfinished projects that I was able to complete -

and remember when and why I had started them, and thankful that paper has no expiration date .  .  .  

it's ready to go whenever the urge to stamp and create sneaks up on you!

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