Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Something New!

We have a few new things happening in our schooling this year –

The first is our schedule, which I was very fearful of last week (see HERE), but that fear has turned to rejoicing  in the LORD with a full heart!  We are out of the home every day of the week and so the children must have all of their schoolwork done before Noon on most days.  A week ago, I would have thought this was impossible — but nothing is impossible with Jesus Christ!

Our next new thing is that Science Guy started a Biology class this week, using the Apologia Biology text.  He finished Physical Science in the nick of time – doing tests 14, 15 and 16 near the end of last week.   (he had finished the text and experiments, just forgot to take the tests.  A minor detail, apparently.  ;-) The first class went well and he has completed all of his homework for the next one. 

While we’re on the subject of science and Apologia, I’ll mention that The Badger started General Science this week, too.   This is a small part of my praise ~~~  My younger son, who just turned 13 — I was debating whether to start him in this or not.  I even asked older son his opinion — he knows the text, he knows the work that is required — how do you think he will do if he starts this?  We were both of the same opinion, that he is capable of it, but it may be a bit much reading for him.  Well, I dropped it for the time being and thought maybe we’ll come back to it in a few months and see at that time.  Younger son, who didn’t know that any of this was going on, came to me not even 15 minutes later and asked if he could start General Science.  Can you picture the stunned look on my face?  Can you see the LORD smiling?    Yes, dear, of course you can do General Science if you’d like to.  :-)   ~~~

Also daughter, Little Tipua, is almost finished with her science, so we looked and decided that she and the Badger will be doing Apologia Exploring Creation with Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day together.  I think we’ll do this Monday/Wednesday while Science Guy is in Biology, and Friday our fun day.  And since Tipua enjoys science, and namely Sonlight science, I will be getting Sonlight Science 2 for her to do herself.
That’s it.  Nothing else is new because we love what we’re doing and there’s no reason to change!  So here’s a quick run down of our curriculum:
  • Bible – we read the Bible, King James Version.  Daring, I know, but why read someone else’s thoughts on what the Bible says when you can go to the source, the author and finisher of our faith?  We also use Christian Manhood
  • Reading – we use Pathway and Christian Light Readers.  Sometimes with, sometimes without the accompanying workbooks.  They are nice, wholesome stories that the children will read and inevitably say "That was a good story, Mom."  Both are available for K-8th grade.
  • Math – Math-U-See has been our choice for the past three (or has it been four?) years and will continue to be.
  • Spelling – Spell to Write and Read.  We don’t use all of it, but it is a thorough program and easily adaptable to our needs.  I do more with one child and less with another, as is appropriate for the individual.
  •  English – Shurley English, Homeschool Edition.  We only do this three or four times a month, but it builds such a great, solid foundation that we refer to it frequently when doing other assignments.
  • History – This is our variety!  Some favorites that we go back and forth between – one year this and the next year that – are Sonlight, we’re doing Eastern Hemisphere (5) this year, daughter has done Intro to World Cultures (K).  Beautiful Feet is a favorite.  We’ve done Early Am. History, Elementary and Upper Elementary, the History of Science, US and World History, History of Classical Music and Science Guy will soon be starting Medeival History.  Then, a wonderful unit study that I HAVE to recommend is Prepare and Pray.  If I had discovered this when the boys were younger — Oh!  the fun we would have had!!  Now we do it in pieces, a unit here and a unit there as a break from regular school and for some summer fun.
I’m sure there’s more, but I have to go!

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