Sunday, July 27, 2008

Let Everything That Hath Breath Praise The Lord

These past few weeks we have been regularly reading the Bible together, the children and I.  Proverbs in the morning, Old Testament history during school, reading through Galatians & Ephesians one chapter at a time in the afternoons, as well as a character study a few times a week.   

Also, with the setting up of our new bookcases, I was able to get some great little books out of my room and on the new shelves where the children can have easy access to them.   One of those little books is called Little Pillows, or Good Night Thoughts for Little Ones.  Its an old reprint from Keepers of the Faith and DS3 has been reading it, one very small story at a time, before going to sleep at night.

The story tonight started with the verse I, even I, am He that blotteth out thy transgressions.  Isaiah 43:25
After he had read, he called me in to pray with him.  As I was sitting at his side, asking him what he would like to pray about, the  LORD spoke to my heart and I knew that he was going to ask about being saved.   We had such a great conversation, my sweet sunshine boy and I, late at night, in the dark, with quiet and stillness surrounding us.  And then we prayed.  His child-like voice spoke words that were coming from his heart as tears flowed from his eyes.  I prayed and cried, and then he prayed more. 

Now I am rejoicing that my dear son desires the LORD Jesus Christ as his Saviour, desires to have his sins blotted out and his life made new, desires to obey and serve.

Join with me in my rejoicing, and also join with me in prayer for this child, who at 12 is starting on a new path.  Pray that his feet would be firmly established in following Christ, that his heart would be well-watered with the Word and this seed would grow deep, strong roots, and that is ears would be quick to listen and his feet quick to obey the voice of the Holy Spirit speaking within him.

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