Monday, January 30, 2012

Mother's Heart Overflowing

Love this sweet picture of my two oldest sons.  Jared, rightful firstborn, born with Angelman syndrome and severely developmentally delayed as a result.  Jackson, firstborn in every other sense of the word.  When Jackson was a baby I would place him on Jared's lap.  Now that they are the same size, Jared loves to lay on his brother's lap.

I am so touched by the tenderness of this 18 year old for his 25 year old brother who will never grow up.  And I'm brought to tears that Jared seeks out Jackson.

I wonder if he remembers that little baby?  :-)

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SincerelyRhoda said...

Your precious sons touch my heart! Thankful for parents like you who provide the environment to be the very best they can be! Such wonderful hearts and so very loving...