Monday, September 20, 2010

Elisha: God's Messenger of Grace, pt. 3

Reading the other night in this gem of a book and came across the following paragraph:

As it was in the days of Elisha, so it is still true today. Whatever children are not, they undoubtedly are good imitators. What my father does, that will I do -- what my mother says, that will I say -- is the rule which most children follow. If the child hears true religion lightly spoken of at home, if he is accustomed to hear God's ministers or God's Word ridiculed, he may soon grow up to do exactly the same. Let us, then, who are parents walk very carefully. Bright eyes are on us, watching our every movement, scrutinizing our every action; quick ears are listening to us, hearing and storing up in the memory each careless, thoughtless word. Those eyes are our children's eyes, those ears are our children's ears, and each of those children is a trust, put into our hands by God, and of each such trust we shall be called upon to give an account.

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