Friday, August 1, 2008


I’m trying to lose some weight. 

I need to lose a lot, but I just have a small goal for myself right now so that it doesn’t seem completely out of reach.  As always, the first day was hard, but the last few have been fairly easy.  I’m drinking well, not snacking at all, and have only had smaller,  regular meals.  Yet the scale stays the same,




There’s one part of my brain that is rebelling (doesn’t it always!) and saying "How could you NOT be losing weight?  You were eating this, and that, and that and, oh yeah, that, too.  The numbers on the scale should be moving a lot faster!"   The logical side of my brain says that "You’re doing really well in controlling your eating and changing your focus  away from food.  Don’t worry about the numbers, you’re just at a plateau and if you keep doing what you’re doing, then soon enough the scale will show that.  Keep up the good work!"  I know that’s true.  It’s just .  .  . 


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