Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday Happy Thoughts

Something that brought a smile today ~

Just after lunch, snapped a few pictures of the birds in our birdbath ~

How could you NOT smile after watching such a brisk and happy site? :-)

Friday, March 4, 2011


These were taken Sunday, February the 22nd. The clouds were breathtaking and demanded to be photographed. So I pulled over to the side of the off-ramp on the way to evening service. The height of the ramp provides the perfect view -

Beautiful, beautiful sunset created by an absolutely magnificent LORD!

Sweet Little Friends

Working in the Nursery is always fun! Two of our favorite little people are both characters -

Smile Mr. J!

Hmmm . . . . . okay.

Smile Miss A!

Yeah. Just the look her daddy would make - too funny!

Sunday Friends

Took these of the children escorting their favorite little O's to their Momma after church a few Sundays ago.

Love that J and Little J have the same eyes here ~

Bits of Our Day

It was a beautiful day today, more like May than March, and we spent the afternoon outside working on some backyard projects.

Dear Son #3 built a gate for one of our garden areas, Dear Son #2 and I beefed up the chicken yard fence and then Son made a new gate for their yard, and daughter planted some new lettuce plants that have sprouted and are growing well ~

Over the fence I spied this very interesting overgrown lemon of the neighbor's tree -

- and loved to see that our pea plants are growing well. I can't wait for our first harvest!

Feeding Finches

I found this four-armed feeder on clearance at the pet store last week and quickly put it to good use. It was not long before our little goldfinches had told all of their friends and family to come along for the feast ~

If I could take a larger picture and blow it up - Oh!! There are finches on the tree to the left and the tree to the right all just waiting their turn to get at the feeders. The movement and the jostling and the beautiful birds and colors, and their size is all just wonderful to watch. We stop often during the day to look at out the window and smile.

The Lord is good ~

Faces that I Love

Sew Suite Friends

A week after my birthday two of my dearest friends came to celebrate! Mrs. T brought lunch for all of our crew (10 children) and Mrs. D made her famous chocolate cake! We had a wonderful visit, the children got to visit and play games, and we were all blessed.

Mrs. T made this beautiful card for me ~

~ She is my priceless friend! So thankful for the Lord's goodness in bringing these fabulous ladies and their families into our lives.

They gifted me with a set of stamps and matching paper, very appropriate since Mrs. D is the one who hooked me into the stamping mania in the first place! I finally got the stamps out this week and made Thank You cards for each of these dear friends - I hope they like them!